I often tell my daughters that your face is the billboard of your mind. 

I used to not like what my billboard said. The chronic set of lines between my eyebrows from hours spent deep in thought made me look angry, older and tired -  but that wasn't how I felt inside and it wasn't who I was. My face wasn't reflecting my true self. My only options to change this seemed to be expensive and potentially dangerous creams, injections or surgeries. 

Then I learned about Face Yoga. I found a practical method for reducing wrinkles that didn't compromise my safety and values - or require me to change who I was. I found a natural way to display my inner radiance to the world. That's when I realized that these exercises were too good to keep to myself.  

I want to help others display their inner radiance on their billboards.

Together we can work to match your face to your inner radiance so you can look and feel young at any age through the Face Yoga techniques. I can help you learn natural techniques for anti-aging that produce real results. Check out my upcoming Face Yoga classes, or invite me to come teach you and your friends at your own event. If you have questions, feel free to reach out!

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Michelle Rose is a certified Face Yoga Method Instructor. She and her husband Jonathan live in Franklin, Tennessee with their teenage twin daughters, Jasmine and Amber.

- Certified Health Coach (2011)

- Certified AromaTouch Therapy (2014)

- Certified Face Yoga Method Instructor (2017)