02- Ragnheidur Gudjohnsen before and after 1.jpg
02- ragnheidur gudjohnsen before and after 2.jpg
I think the exercise has helped me correct my body posture, especially rounded shoulders, my neck is smoother and my double chin has decreased. My face is more uplifting and more happy. I feel better today in my soul and it is visible on the face.
— Ragnheidur
04- Julia Juliusson before and after.jpg
I was really focused on the cheeks and jaw area, as it would make my face slimmer. I do not have time, so I do it often in the car when I’m driving to work. By exercising FYM I can feel and see amazing changes. I’m looking not so bad at 42. I never felt so much energy and believing in myself!
— Julia Juliusson
06- 5 week Bells Palsey Before and After.jpg
Face Yoga ...”guided me on how to work on my facial muscles that I’ve never ever worked on before if not for the Bell’s Palsy condition that I had.... I felt and saw improvements every single day! “
— Chloe C.Y. Lai
01-Rosanne T Spinner before and after.jpg
Face Yoga took 10 years off my face in 6 months-not to mention my energy and disposition! I’ve noticed that my singing has drastically improved ever since Face Yoga was started. I’m 71 years old and this is before and after 28 days of practicing on my eye area.
— Rosanne Spinner
03- Ozner Cevik before and after.jpg
The before photos were taken on July 25th and the after photos on September 30!
— Oznur
05- Bente before and after.jpg
Face Yoga has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in many years. First I found out that getting older is not a fatality. By doing some of the poses I’ve exercised my neck and today I have a much better posture. I’m keeping my head higher.
— Bente