Introductory Class Booking Request


Introductory Class Booking Request


This 90 minute class will provide all the knowledge and hands-on practice you need to exercise your face safely and effectively. 

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What's Included:

What is Face Yoga Introduction

  • 6 Tools to take care of your face, skin and muscles while exercising
  • 3 Warm up exercises
  • 3 Face Poses & Exercises
  • Cool Down

Each registrant will receive a organic face spray and oil and a discount code for your next Focus class. 


  • You will walk away with all you need to get ready to exercise your face safely and effectively. Results are often seen within 2 weeks (5-10 minutes per day).
  • You will understand the benefits of each exercise.
  • You will understand some of the bad habits creating the undesired effects.
  • This is a prerequisite for Focused Face Yoga classes.