Face Yoga Fitness


What is face yoga?

Face Yoga combines breathing, exercise and massage to work out your face in the same way you work out your body. Through isolating and activating each muscle, Face Yoga helps you develop a more firm and sculpted face and and also improves your complexion due to an increase in circulation and oxygen. The result is a more relaxed face and a healthier you. You will be glowing radiantly from the inside out and feeling younger - no matter your age.




How does it work?

Every day you use the 60 muscles in your face for chewing, smiling, talking and expressing yourself. Sometimes these daily habits can have unwanted effects. As we age, reduced collagen and elastin causes wrinkles, lines, thinning, sagging, discoloration, age spots, and dullness. Face Yoga will teach you what facial expressions are creating these effects so you can correct habits and employ exercises that give results and aid in collagen and elastin production. With Face Yoga you not only learn how to use your face muscles properly, you also learn to see the beauty you carry within.


Turning Back the clock


As we age, gravity is our enemy, pulling down our face, causing our mouths to drop and our eyelids to sag.  We can't stop the aging process altogether, but we can delay the process and can even turn back the clock as much as 3 years.* 

When exercising, have you experienced the benefits of improved mood, energy, posture, strength and flexibility? Face Yoga does this too! Face Yoga increases oxygen and blood circulation to the skin and muscles of the face, and thermographic imaging proves it! You will feel the burn just like you do when exercising your body. 

*Northwestern University Study

No matter what your genetic disposition or age, you can turn back time with Face Yoga. 

Face Yoga Benefits

  • More oxygen to the face, means more oxygen to the brain causing more clarity and more relaxed
  • More self control of the movements you make during the day
  • More self confidence leaving you more empowered because you did the work to get the results and may feel like you can face the challenges in your life that you were fearful of doing.
  • More confident speech and singing. You have more control over your muscles and vocal abilities
  • Better complexion
  • Better circulation
  • Higher, more defined cheeks
  • Plumper lips
  • Bigger more wide open eyes
  • Less droopy eyelids
  • More symmetrical face
  • Reduced forehead lines
  • Uplifted corners of mouth and appear more happy (can a person be sad while always smiling? So also a more happy countenance)
  • Reduced lines around the mouth
  • Reduced double chin
  • More defined face
  • Reduced crow’s feet
  • Reduced puffiness around eyes
  • Reduced dark circles around eyes
  • Reduced lines around eyes
  • Reduced puffiness in face
  • More even skin tone
  • Smoother skin
  • Defined jawline
  • Reduced frown lines
  • Firmer face